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Created and gifted to you by Adimasu Travel & Tour and Ayzoh! Aps, Ayzoh! Ethiopia is a storytelling project — that consists of a newsletter and magazine — designed for curious people who love a great story, are interested in the Ethiopian culture and appreciate ambitious photography and words. Sign up and get it straight to your inbox | learn more

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Dedicated to all lovers of Ethiopia.

Join a community of explorers from all over the world and undertake a journey of discovery across a land of vibrant contrasts, with some of the best civil amenities in all of Africa and rich in endless majestic landscapes, climatic abundance, and cultural diversity.

Through a weekly newsletter and a bi-monthly digital magazine — image after image, word after word — you will get a different view of a country inhabited by a large, proud and energetic population that expend immense stamina trying to make the best of theirs and others’ lives.

The weekly newsletter.

Ayzoh! Ethiopia newsletter is based on the art of photo-epigrams: intriguing dialogues between iconic images and words written by outstanding writers, humanitarians, scientists, artists, change-makers and activists of all times.

Through these silent dialogues, we’ll try to shape an unfinished and deliberately naive poem in which images and words beat their wings, impact each other and travel together over a world full of contrasts, in this case, represented by the cradle of humanity: Ethiopia.

This marriage, between representations of reality today with the echo of universal thoughts, reveals a sentient organism that is in constant flux and renders a sense of belonging in this lifetime and all-time in human history, in this place and in any place on our planet.

The bi-monthly magazine.

Ayzoh! Ethiopia Magazine is a consistently informative, beautifully designed, downloadable and shareable digest. Each issue of the magazine will be unique: sometimes it will bring together lots of totally disparate stories in one place, united only by the fact that they’re fascinating, inspiring, and bigger than an individual; other times it will be built around a single subject.

And, even if we don’t disregard issues with negative impact, we focus mainly on stories of resilience, change, and beauty, as well as on portraits of ordinary people with extraordinary lives.

Ultimately Ayzoh! Ethiopia Magazine is aimed at building a shareable collection of stories capable of making sense of the world as well as to expand horizons and offer goodwill, courage, energy, experience, and heart to our community of travelers.

Who makes Ayzoh! Ethiopia.

Ayzoh! Ethiopia is a collaborative project made between Ethiopia and Italy. Images are collected from around Ethiopia by Ayzoh! Aps’ photographers and by our fellow visual storytellers.

Texts are curated by Movimento Centrale – Danza & Teatro. Information and travel details are provided by Adimasu Travel & Tours and by its team of travel designers.

Technically speaking...

Ayzoh! Ethiopia is designed to deliver an immersive experience and display optimally on devices and formats of all types, no matter when or where you are.

The newsletter is light and pretty minimal. The magazine can be downloaded as a pdf and/or viewed through a rich in features, web-based, blazing-fast viewer that you’ll love to use.

The online version is touch-optimized, supports gestures and it feels like any other native app on iOS and Android devices.

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