Safari to Chebera Churchura National Park

The Park is fortunate in possessing numerous rivers and streams and four small creator lakes (Keriballa, Shasho, Koka) which are reason for the rich wildlife resources of the area.

Zigina River is rises from the north east highlands of the area and cross the central part of the park (north to south) and feeds the Omo River (there are also different perennial rivers feeding Omo River crossing the park).

Shoshuma River is rises from the north western highlands of the Konta area highlands cross the north eastern part of the park and mixed with Zigina River inside the park, which go down together to Omo River.

The prominent topographic features is unique & highly attractive and characterized by unique and highly heterogeneous and hilly terrain, few flat lands and highly undulating to rolling plains with incised river and perennial streams, valley and gorges.

7 days





Day 1

Arrival in Addis Ababa

Welcome to Ethiopia! You will be met upon arrival and transferred to your hotel. Refresh and begin your sightseeing of Addis with a drive up to mount Entoto for a panoramic view of Addis.

Descend down and drive to the National Museum where you will have a chance to spot the oldest hominids of ‘Lucy’ fossil. Visit and proceed to the Holy Trinity built during the WWII. Then proceed to the Ethnographic Museum, which used to be the palace of Emperor Hailesellase.

To wrap up you drive to merkato, the biggest market in East Africa.unity park and entoto park will added if time allows.

Day 2

Addis Ababa – Chebera Churchura National Park

Depart Addis Ababa in the morning via either the Addis-Jima- Ameya road or Addis-Shashemene-Sodo-Waka-Tocha, and have your lunch on your way. You will arrive in Chebera Churchura National Park in the late afternoon. Enjoy the scenery of the park from the park headquarters and the campsites where you will stay overnight.

Day 3

Chebera Churchura National Park

Morning expedition to the national park where you will walk to the two sites namely Meka and Erka Forests. Here the mammals that inhabit the area are the African elephant, hippopotamus, Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, and birding watching activities are also common.

You will be back for lunch and after a break, you will go walk to the hot springs and the waterfall. The schedule also includes a small lake visit for birding and to other interesting birding sites. You will stay overnight in the camping.

Day 4

Chebera Churchura National Park

In the morning, you will depart to the other part of the park namely heading to Borbo Falls and Bulo Lake. Activities include seeing different animals and birds. Then you will have a lunch break.

On the afternoon, you will continue to the other sites, visitors can explore 80 kilometers rough dry weather road crossing the western sides of the park and see the entire park or it is also possible to trek inside the park following the footpaths available. Overnight will be in the camp.

Day 5

Drive from Chebera Churchura National park to Soddo

Overnight in Lewi Resort.

Day 6

Chencha Dorze Villages in Arba Minch

After breakfast you will take a boat trip in Lake Lake Chamo, to visit the crocodile market, it is a local name for a place in Lake Chamo that the crocodiles went out of the lake and chill, there is no buying or selling, also you will see hippos and different kinds of birds later driving to the Dorze village,

This people set high up in the Gughe Mountains where we see the traditional Dorze beehive shaped huts recognized as one of the visually attractive structural houses. Overnight in Paradise Lodge.

Day 7

Arba Minch to Addis Ababa

After having your early breakfast driving to the southern parts of Ethiopia on the way we will see the Tiya, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, where we can see the northernmost example of a peculiar type of engraved, standing stelae which stretch across parts of southern Ethiopia. Overnight in Kaleb Hotel.

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