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Our offer

At Adimasu Tours, every trip is customized to your needs. Every itinerary is flexible at all times. Even while we’re on the tour we are open to your needs and if required we can alter the programme spontaneously at request.

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Our commitments

We are renown for being one of the most innovative and reliable tour companies in Ethiopia. We intend not only to live up to that reputation, but also to improve it while we continue provide excellent and reliable travel service all over the country.

High quality services

Our job is to make your experience in Ethiopia as easy and enjoyable as possible. We will always be at and on your side starting from the first contact, during every step of the tour, and also after the end of your trip, if necessary.

Expert knowledge

Your tailor-made itinerary will be carefully created by a staff of passionate professionals who are expert in travel designing, can adapt to the unexpected and have a deep first-hand knowledge of every destination we offer.

Unbeatable value

Our goal is to provide always the best value for money with fair and fixed prices. We operate without any intermediaries and we can take care of every detail of your tour: in this way we can offer a great service keeping our costs affordable.

We rely on a great staff

We use only well-trained, highly qualified staff that is selected upon their level of experience, personal integrity and a genuine sense of hospitality. Currently, we have a team of 12 drivers and over 30 guides speaking many of the different local languages.

We are truly international​

We are used to work with travellers coming from all parts of the world. All tours can be arranged in a variety of languages including English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian.​

A reliable fleet​

We currently have 12 vehicles in our fleet: 4WD’s and mini busses. Our vehicles are always well-maintained in order to live up to the high expectations of safety, reliability and comfort of our guests.​

Our values

We have set fair-mindedness, inclusivity and respect for any kind of cultural or biological diversity as our fundamental values.

Responsibility and respect

Responsible tourism has always been an integral part of our company. Our adventures are designed with due respect to the local people’s culture, habitat, traditions and values. 

We abide by the rules of eco-tourism

Our staff is well aware of environmental issues and do their best to reduce any damage to the environment. All the garbage we bring, we take back (except for compostable).

Cultural exchanges

We encourage communicating with different people, living alongside small communities, tasting new food and encountering new ways of life, all of which greatly enhance the experience and contribute to an increased personal cultural awareness.

We are social entrepreneurs in heart

We soul and strive with our business to contribute to the sustainable development of our country. We closely work together with the community we visit to identify their needs and to find a solution for their problems.